The newsletter that keeps you up to date on HS2’s activities on the Regent’s Park Estate. Produced by  volunteers from the Regent’s Park Estate Tenant’s and Residents Association.

This issue:

  • In brief updates the works on replacement housing and news on the noise insulation programmes.
  • In What are they Doing Now? – we continue our look at Thames Water and Network Rail ‘s  adventures on and around the Estate.
  • HS2 Change of Plans updates on the Hampstead Rd Bridge changes.
  • Forum Matters  at the end provides web links and upcoming events.


In Brief March

HS2 Replacement Housing Works

March pic 1

Regent’s Park Tenants & Residents Association members paid a visit this month to their new premises on Robert Street.

The building on the former car park opposite the Dental Practice will house the new community hall and four floors of replacement homes above.

The association moves into the new building around June.  It has to, the planning application to demolish the current Dick Collins Hall is already in.


Air Quality Monitoring

HS2 recently published their air quality results for the estate. In a six month period they measured the levels of car pollution –nitrogen di-oxide in the air at four sites on the estate.

The results showed that pollution levels on average were 7% over the legal limits set by the European Union.

More on this here air quality .

Noise Insulation Programme

The noise insulation programme is continuing with surveys  during May.-September . The programme of putting in secondary glazing and ventilation will follow the HS2 works.

The north half of our estate will see installation start around October/November.

The programme won’t reach the Tarns and  the new block  on Rydal Water Gardens  next year.

A plan of the affected properties will be on display at the next forum meeting however you can view it now on HS2’s website.

The Forum has been told that the running costs of the ventilation units and the maintenance will be met by HS2.

If  HS2 have not contacted you yet  and think you may want to have noise insulation to protect you from HS2 works then contact them at or 020 7944 4908. They  will  be happy to discuss your situation.

What are they doing now

Demolishing the Granby Terrace RailwayCarriage Shed.March pic 2

HS2 have now started decommissioning the Granby Terrace carriage sheds. Some of you may have noticed extra security measures along park village east by the sheds. In April the bushes along Park Village east will be cut away along the carriage shed wall.

For now the wall will be retained and may act as a viable hoarding for the works. If the wall is found to be unstable at any time it will have to be demolished.

March pic 3Network Rail contractors will be moving their overhead line equipment away from the carriage sheds to enable demolition to start.

The small compound on the corner of Granby Terrace and Harrington St will start to become more active as it becomes the main operations site for the demolition works.

The demolition starts the second week in June.

Between May and October their will be some days when Park Village East is closed by the sheds for heavy lift cranes, and parking bays are suspended. Parking will also be suspended on the north side of Granby Terrace as one lane is taken out by the hoarding here.

The Forum continues to do its best to get HS2 to reduce the impact of these works on the local community.

HS2 Change of Plan

Last month we reported on a possible change of plan to the Hampstead Road Bridge and railway approach into Euston. This month we can confirm these changes have now been made.

The detail is still a bit patchy but informed sources tell us that the plans are pretty much as we imagined them last month.  Hampstead Road and Granby Terrace Bridges will be extended across the new high speed rail lines rather than being demolished completely.  Both bridges will be extended at their existing  height. For Hampstead Road the extension will be southward to get over the new rail lines.March pic 4

Some of you my have spotted in the picture on the right that Hampstead road already slopes up from the south to get over the railway. The slope starts just north of Varndell St.

The extension means this slope will start earlier by Robert St so by the time it reaches the new rail lines it is at full height. Varndell Street may still have to be permanently closed to traffic at Hampstead Road junction.

The Bridge Works may start a little early meaning Granby Terrace Bridge closes completely at the end of this year.

and finally


Last month we reported on the repaving of Park Village East footway. One of our readers quickly spotted that this was an error.

The actual works that were being done at the time was for putting in new anti climb fencing along the wall on the east side of the road –said our reader.

March pic 5

The Forum went out to investigate –  picture left.

The Forum apologises for this serious lack of professional journalism. The reporters concerned have been sent to a very dark place to do penance for their sins.

The point of these works? Well we can only speculate. One company, Vanguard,  that sells this type of fencing advertises them as “a defence for all situations where serious vandalism or theft is likely”.

The Forum discourages the theft of railway carriages at all times.

bus stop watch

The forum can report that no Bus Stops will be harmed in April.



Forum matters.png



upcoming events

HS2 in Euston  have the following events at the National Temperance Hospital Site in April.

Thursday 13 April – construction surgery – by pre booked appointment only.
Thursday 20 April – construction open evening
Thursday 27 April – land and property surgery – by pre booked appointment only

Next forum meeting

Tuesday 11th April 2017 at the Dick Collins Hall Doors open 6pm

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