On Friday morning a woman was struck by a tipper truck at the crossing on Hampstead Road by Cartmel. It has since been reported in the local press that she subsequently died of her injuries.


The 55yr old woman was struck at about 11.30am Friday morning 9th Feb by an empty tipper truck heading south.  Debris can be seen immediately behind where the lorry came to rest.

Up untill now this pedestrian crossing was a safe place to cross.

There were no accidents involving pedestrians here in the 5 year period 2010-2015 for which  data is available.


The empty lorry was heading south on the outside lane. A police cordon was set up stretching back from the accident to Harrington Gardens that investigators could assess the cause of the accident.

These investigations typically assess the approach speed of the vehicle, whether the lights were red and the pedestrian was crossing on the crossing.

Rush hour traffic heading into the West End was turned back at Harrington Gardens. Causing gridlock in Mornington Crescent and further up Camden High Street. Traffic coming onto the Hampstead Road from Granby Terrace was stopped and diverted down Stanhope Street. The cordon was not lifted until around 4.30pm when daylight had started to fade.


Police were appealing for witnesses to the tragic scene.

The incident comes not long after the recent tragedy in Pratt St by Camden High Street. Last October a lady lost her life to a concrete mixer lorry whilst crossing the road.

The number of construction lorries is set to increase this year with the start of HS2 works.

This Forum intends to closely monitor the road casualties in and around the Regent’s Park Estate.


The Forum will continue to press for the HS2 project to use the railway for materials and construction transportation around the Euston area, instead of the 2,000 lorries a day proposed.